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Saturday, November 5, 2011

today was a fairytale..=)

salam..and enjoy the eid of al-adha today.actually i don't know what to talk about.just wanna say,the HOLIDAY ALMOST NEAR!!i can imagine right now what i want to do in the long holiday after this..STUDY??maybe but for a few day only...=) talked about study,it remind me with....PMR 2012!! year,i'll be the PMR candidate you know?

huhuhu..i must study hard to get straight A's...
     next i wanna travel miri or just stay in the house..doing homework,facebooking,tumblring amd know what?yesterday,my mom asked me whether i have a boyfriend or not right now..i don't know what to say..and today,my grandfather asked the same thing ..why is this happen??why??..huhuhu..whether i have a boyfriend or not,i will take care of my attitude..i don't want to make disciplined cases at the school..
     today,a whole family were got parents said that maybe it was one of effect eating crab yesterday..maybe?what do you think?is it true?
 for the first time,my sista support me in blogging hee..
okay i wanna stop writing for awhile and i'll continue blogging after this okay?da....=)

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