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Saturday, November 5, 2011

How I get interested in blogging???

from my parents? my sista?a little bit but she doesn't help me a lot...the answer is from my .......friends or known as my neighbour next door in hostel la..her blog is or known as kamenrider punya cerita :)..

i like her blog as well.She inspire me how to elaborate my idea in blogging.She also is one of my bestfriend in sainsku.For this 3 days holiday,i will blogging until the end..hihihi..and the other one,sorry if my grammar was new hobby right now is BLOGGING!!kinda weird hobby right?talked aboud school,it remind me about the appreciation night!!argghh..can't wait for that night.I will use orange 'baju kurung'+orange @ pinkblack shawl..hhmm..i want to find the most suitable shawl for my 'baju kurung '.Our theme for the appreciation night is COLOURFUL!!
okay..i think thats all that i can talk and my eyes wanna close better i log out my facebook and sign out my blog and close my notebook.okay?daa..oyasuminasai..=)

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