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Friday, November 4, 2011

SaiNsKu EMpILa TrIp !!

That was the sweetest memory eva.Gonna miss my foster family,right now !!They were too kind for me.Okay,here i wanna tell you how life at Kampung Empila.
    Before that,i was so sad because our MagS head are not allowed to join the trip because he had make a little disciplined cases.At first,we do not have any spirit went to the trip but he said to us that life is like a boomerang "what comes around , goes around ."Okay,now we forget those thing and make a new spirit.We pushed off from SM Sains Kuching at 2.30 pm and arrived at there around 4 pm.Many students were slept in the bus because the journey took a long time.Maybe?
     When we were arrived at there,we were welcomed likeVIP.The whole villagers grate us with a thousand smile.All the year 5 students were in a straight line waited for us.All their size body were small unlike the year 5 students.All of us went to thehall to inaugurate the Leadership Outreach MagS 2 Sainsku Empila Program.The 'Sekolah Amanah 'officer,SainsKu headmaster,SainsKu PK HEM,PIBG officer and the Empila school headmaster were at there too.
    All the preparation for the ceremony was handled by us.MC on that day was Nurul Fatinah while the prayer reciter was Zufar Zulqarnain and the representative was Anis Fasihah.We showed theme our song theme.It was 'Gemuruh' song!

    Then,we were given toour foster family each person and some of us were partner.At first,we feel very nervous to live alone and think all the nonsense thing.But after know them deeply,we feel more comfortable.They was interesting.

my foster sister =)

In the night,we gathered at the hall on 8 pm.We taught them three energizerYou know what energizer means?Its mean to lift up our spirit and refresh us.The energizer was 'peel banana' , 'pepsi cola' and 'atas bukit'.They seemed so happy.Next,they were given into seven group like us too.My group member was Mohammed Harith , Shamimi Azwa and Nur Hazwani.We were placed in Sainsku Empila 1 group.We end that activity on 10 pm.All the fasilitator went back home with their foster brother and sister.For me, I went home using a motorcycle to go back.
     The next morning,there were a 'riadah' session.But,some of us that live far from the village do not came because the rain down heavily.Then,we must gathered at the hall on 8 am to continue the next activity.It was session to learn them about English,Mathematics and Science subject.Thefasilitator for the English subject was Nur Lailatul Qadriah and Nurul Fatinah while the fasilitator for the Mathematics subject was Muhd Hanif and the fasilitator for Science subject was Siti Nur Hidayu.We also had teach them two energizer for that day.It were 'di sini senang' and 'tangan depan belakang'.

one of our activity

our group...>.<

Actually,there was a session to introduce the boarding school on that night.But,it was cancelled because our teacher says that we have to spent the whole night with our foster family."That would be interesting", i said to myself.Then,on that evening we planned to travel around the village.For me and Hazwani,we rode a bicycle to go around the village while the other students were just walking around.What a peaceful village you know?Then we went back to our home.My foster sister was cousin with Hazwani foster sister.Because of that , they seemed so near.

In the night, Hazwani and me spent a whole night to visit her friend house We rode a motorcycle.But,i'm not the rider okay..I'm not used it.We went to Syazni house,Anis house , Carthnie house and Aida house.Such a tiring night but it will keep deep in my heart.
The next day would be the last day for us at there.We continue the last session.It wasMalaysian language sesssion with Nur Atikah.Afterthat,there was an ending ceremony.On that time,we felt so sad.My foster  mother had packed everything for me.Before 1.30 pm we must gathered at the hall.i used the time left to take many picture with them around the village.Then,we came back to the hall.We put our luggage into the bus.She also had packed me with many food.She also gave me RM40.I'm so surprised.I felt so sad to leave them.I said to them,that we will meet again next time.
Thank you Empila villagers because had grate us nicely.Lastly,Empila and Sainsku were the best.Hope all of knowledge that we had given will they used in their exam.

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