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Saturday, November 5, 2011


i think all of u must be one of people who are like korean right?i guess so..
here i wanna right something bout those thing.actually, i don't like kpop too much but i heard my roomate always talk about,a little about kpop that i knew.the most popular group is B2ST right?is it true?
B2ST..i like them too..=)





YO SEOB!!hhmm...i like him..bolela...=)

others :

and KIM HYUN friend , Sabrina like him the most..=)

and lastly , i like the way he dance in the beautiful song by B2ST
he is GI KWANG!!

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Mr.Zi3xo B said...

i hate beast,ihate yoesob...look at yoesob nose is like being punch!!..B1A4 its suck they pretend to be cute but it's gay!!..Kim Hyun Joong i don't have any i said Beast is sucks!!

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